Friday, March 5, 2010


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  1. haha! funny and gross as usual!
    i like the acting and expressions on the first guy in line. i think this was well staged,shot, and planned. i'm not sure what classes you've taken, but i can see that your storyboarding has gotten a lot better. the pacing and use of the camera was good!
    i think you have great, solid story. it would look better if there were more inbetweens though, haha. but i know that all has to do with time.
    the only thing i would critique is that i think you could work on having more solid drawings. the characters look more appealing when there is convincing weight and the illusion of 3d and depth to them.
    just a little feedback, since i know i appreciate feedback on my work. nice job, kevin! i only wish i had a cartoon to show you.